Producing thermoplastic welding rod , welding profiles over 20 years
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Plastic Welding Rod   New Image Plastics Mfg a leading global producer of advanced specialty

thermoplastic and engineering grade Welding rod and Welding profiles. We offer virgin high performance

polymers, formulations and chemical additives to serve a broad range of applications.  Our products are

used in major markets, including consumer specialties, industrial, commercial, construction, food, medical

and more.   Customers rely on our technical expertise to improve their products, lower their cost and

provide real-time solutions. Selecting the proper plastic type is very important , we will be happy to help you

select the correct product to meet your application requirements. Real time quality control charts, laser

measurement, required ISO paperwork, manufacturer certifications are available

Let our capable export team handle all of your overseas requirements.

On time deliveries and top notch void free plastic welding rod

Don't take a chance on a failed weld!

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Available Additives

Blow Agent
Anti Microbial
U.V. Stabilizer
Carbon Black
Lube and Processing aids
Fillers and Blocks , Metals
Metal Flake

Thousands of colors available

Honda           Universal              
Kawasaki      Cat Tractor         
Yamaha         Containers
Suzuki           Pantone
Artic cat        Glow in the Dark
Polaris           Coke / Pepsi
Starboard       Florescent 
Champline     John Deere


Specially formulated proprietary X Purge rod from New Image Plastics Mfg. Designed to clean and purge your extrusion welding equipment using a minimal amount of material.  Non-chemical and nonabrasive XPurge rod is safe for your welding equipment and has a fresh/clean scent. Use Purge rod when purging between colors, plastic types, change overs, shut downs a must for PVC fabricators, does not require adjusting machine temperature or RPM speed. Polyethylene or Polypropylene Based

                                                                                    19 YEARS PRODUCING WELDING PROFILES ZERO FAILED WELDS 

  "Our products are used underground, underwater , in the air, and even space"

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